Local businesses need targeted results. Adcentuate delivers those results.

Many local businesses do not desire to target a global audience. We understand that your essential customer base is near to your physical location. Your business needs a customized solution that allows you to focus on where you want to do business. Locally-based businesses contact us for search engine optimization (SEO) that is customized to their specific needs.

Our goal is to increase the local business’ position on the search engine results page (SERP).

As part of our SEO, we include such services as on page optimization, content optimization, analytics, and off page optimization. While each of these processes includes specific functions, they all serve the same purpose – to make the local business more visible to those potential customers who seek their products or services.

Although there are many steps in this process, with many of them overlapping, one of the first things that we do is to submit the local business to the search engines, as well as to any local listings, classifieds, or directories. While the amount of time involved for the search engines to list the business varies, the business will eventually be on the lists. *It is worth noting that of the top three search engines, Bing takes the most time to make the list. They have about a 2-3 month backlog of websites waiting in their queue.

Research is the key to local SEO.

The more information we have available, such as keywords and keyword phrases that are specific to your geographic location, the better we can target your intended customers.

SEO is not a short-term fix. SEO is a long-term solution. The search engines crawl and index an astronomical amount of information, and we recommend that any SEO campaign proceed for at least five months.

Contact us today, and get your local business’ website moving up in position so your customers can find you easier.